Iowa Online Sports Betting Sites - The Status of Sports Betting Options in Iowa

As many sports fans are dismayed to understand, federal law prohibits US based sports betting options from existing in the majority of the United States, including Iowa. Many speculate that with Iowa's positive approach to gambling in general, were it permitted by law, the state would readily support their own regulated sports betting industry. The state supports several brick and mortar casinos, and has come quite close to legalizing state licensed online poker gambling, with efforts resuming to get legislation passed in the house. However, regardless of their interest or willingness, sports betting will not be a bet that the state will be able to legally make on behalf of their residents. The question is, does this eliminate all options for Iowa sports bettors outside of traveling to Nevada or Delaware to participate in land based sports wagering? The short answer is absolutely not. However, realizing that a simple no does not suffice to explain how Iowa residents can bet on sports legally when federal law prohibits its existence in the state, we created this guide to assist residents of the Hawkeye State in navigating this complex industry and remain on the legitimate and legal side of things. We have also included an Iowa Sports Betting FAQ guide to answer some of your questions concerning the legality and availability of this option for residents of the state.

Iowa Sports Betting Sites

Rank Online Sportsbook Bonus % Max Bonus Play
1 Bovada Sportsbook 50% $250 View Site
2 Bookkmaker Sportsbook 15% $2500 View Site
3 BetOnline Sportsbook 25% $1000 View Site
4 25% $1000 View Site

Is Online Sports Betting Legal in Iowa?

While federal law does prohibit anybody from operating a sportsbook in Iowa, either online or offline, it does not prohibit bettors from participating in legally licensed sports betting that is based and regulated within a territory that is governed by a respected jurisdiction that has already legalized sports betting for their region. Some of these territories include Canada, the UK, Curacao, Costa Rica, and Panama, among others. Sportsbooks regulated and based within these regions are operating legitimately within the industry, which legally allows them to offer their services to bettors in the United States, including those residing in or visiting the state of Iowa. As long as you are restricting your online sportsbook wagering to these types of destinations, then it is perfectly legal for you to participate. You can review the state laws concerning gambling by visiting the Iowa State Legislature's website.

Are Offshore Sportsbooks Legal and Secure For Iowa Sports Bettors To Participate At?

Not all offshore sportsbooks are legal. Bettors must exercise due diligence in being highly selective as to where they will take their sports betting business. This guide provides access to licensed and regulated sports wagering destinations that legally participate in the industry. Our team of analysts and professional sports bettors has carefully and thoroughly vetted each brand you see represented in this guide. In order to be deemed a legal offshore sportsbooks, the site must be owned and operated within a governing jurisdiction which has legitimately legalized online sports betting through the passage of legislation that provides legal precedence. They must be subject to regulatory oversight that provides strict licensing requirements, compliance certifications and random audits of their fair gaming practices and operational procedures. It can be difficult to document these elements of any business; however our position as industry professionals does provide easier access to this type of information. If you limit your sports betting to destinations which have been vetted by professionals, you will find that you are only accessing the legitimate and legal sportsbooks online.

Will Iowa Offer State Licensed Sports Betting Anytime Soon?

Unfortunately, the federal government and the courts of the land seem intent in upholding and enforcing the existing laws governing sports betting in the United States as they are currently interpreted, including the Federal Wire Act and PASPA. One state, New Jersey, recently challenged the PASPA law as unconstitutional, but was shot down by the Supreme Court. In addition, there are several powerful and financially armed professional and collegiate sports leagues who are strongly opposed to the expansion of the US based sports betting industry, including the NFL, NBA, MLB and NCAA, among a few others. In fact, they went so far as to file suit to block NJ's efforts even after the state's voters overwhelmingly demonstrated their approval of legal sports betting opportunities. New Jersey's defeat and the process of the fight they faced strongly indicate that the USA just isn't ready to go there yet, which ultimately prevents individual states from doing so.

Sports Betting Trends For Iowa Teams

"Is this Heaven?" "No, it's Iowa." If you remember that line from the classic '80s Kevin Costner movie Field of Dreams, then you may be a bigger fan of sports than you want to admit. Although Iowa doesn't have any professional teams to speak of, or even a solid college team that's competing at a varsity level to win any National Championship, the state is still synonymous with sports. Maybe it's because of Hollywood, and maybe it's because Iowa's citizens are avid sports gamblers. Whatever the reasons here, Iowans love their sports just as much as anyone else, and they aren't deterred simply because they don't have any legitimate sports teams on which to bet.

Since Iowa doesn't have a strong sporting presence, we would like to offer Iowans some solid advice. Read about why you should focus on betting trends and how it can earn you some money. Until Iowa gets a team, it's the best we can do.

Reasons why Betting Trends Matter

1: Teams are Creatures of Habit

Let's say that the Colts have hovered around 9-7 ATS (against the spread) for the past three years. What makes year four any different? Unless they're changing their team completely, about 90% of the personnel will remain the same. The coaching staff will probably be the same. The QB and receivers are the same. It's the same team with the same habits and most likely the same results. Teams are creatures of habits, that's why you see dynastic runs from some, some that are good for a decade and then bad for two, teams that haven't won anything in years and years, etc. They fall into habits and stay there. One-year anomalies are exceedingly rare.

2: Parity is Huge in Competitive Sports

After the Boston Celtics picked up their big-three in a trade, look how many teams followed suit. Trends matter in sports because teams, no matter which sport they're in, attempt to copy the winning formula of other teams. That's why a common ATS in the NFL would be about .500, and rarely do you have teams covering 80% of the time. Teams are incredibly similar and the margins of victory and defeat are very slim. Parity is big in sports, and thus trends manage to stay trends and spread to other teams.

3: The Smart Money Makes Money

Following trends and other stats means that you're paying attention to teams on a macro level that will help you succeed. Rather than betting as a fan or betting on the team with the best record, you're betting based off of trends and other stats that help you paint a clearer picture. When leveraged correctly, these bets can make you a lot of money.

4: Tigers Don't Change Their Stripes

The St. Louis Rams haven't won a Super Bowl since 2000, but they still operate a fast-paced, run-and-gun offense with receivers and a strong-armed QB. The Patriots' formula, through all six Super Bowl appearances in the 2000s, has been the same: A sturdy defense and a spread offense. This is more than a habit; this is about teams being exactly what the numbers say they are. Don't ever expect a team to surprise you by going against the statistical grain. If it's a team that does poorly on the road or no rest, expect that result. Bank on that result. Far more often than not you're going to win that bet. Follow the stats and you find out what a team is at its core.

5: Having a Gauge is Good Business

Other than looking at a team's schedule, how can you gauge how good they really are? Let's say you're looking at the Miami Heat in the NBA. They're 30-16, so you pick them to take out the Cavs, who are 28-18. But there's more here than a schedule and record. How well do they do on rest or without it? How often does the team win home or away as favorites vs. dogs? Stats provide you a statistical gauge, and having this enables you to make safer bets.

Numbers don't lie. While any team might jump and put up an anomaly sometimes, remember that numbers even out. By playing the numbers, you're likely to win big over the long haul.