Frequently Asked Questions Concerning the Legality and Availability of Iowa Sports Betting

Following is a listing of some of the most frequently asked questions concerning the legality and availability of legitimate sports betting for Iowa residents. With the large amount of misinformation circulating with regards to sports betting for US bettors, we felt it prudent to provide clear, concise and up to date information for those seeking to understand what their options are to legally participate in responsible sportsbook wagering entertainment. This information will assist you in accessing legitimate Iowa sports betting sites that have been vetted by professionals.

Is it legal to participate in sports betting in Iowa?

There are indeed legal sports betting options for Iowa residents. These options do not include state licensed destinations online or offline due to federal prohibitions on sportsbook gambling in the United States. This being said, there are legal alternatives for bettors. Having established that it is illegal to operate a sportsbook within Iowa, these same federal laws do not prohibit bettors from participating in a sportsbook gambling environment that is legally licensed to provide their services to gamblers in Iowa. While it may seem that they are violating US federal laws, they are in fact not doing that at all. The federal laws, including the Federal Wire Act and PASPA, address US based sports gambling, and do not have any influence over sportsbook operations that are based outside of the United States. As long as a gambling business is legally licensed and regulated by their governing jurisdiction, they are legally permitted to offer their services to anybody they so choose, including those bettors residing in Iowa.

Will I get in trouble for betting on sports at offshore sportsbooks?

As long as the sportsbook destination is legally licensed and regulated, you are not participating in any type of illegal activity. The key is to limit your betting to those sportsbooks which are verified as legitimately licensed and compliance certified. All of the brands featured in this guide are legally licensed to provide their services to bettors in Iowa, hence they do not violate any of the federal or state laws governing sports betting in the US or in Iowa.

Can I Legally bet on sports teams from iowa?

While Iowa does not have any professional sports teams to speak of outside of one AFL team, there are a few prominent collegiate sports programs, and bettors will find lines that include these schools. The sportsbooks recommended in this guide all cover college sports, including the Iowa Hawkeyes, Iowa State Cyclones, and the Northern Iowa Panthers. You will also find betting lines on colleges from around the nation, and professional sports teams and leagues from both the US and Europe.

What is the UIGEA bill and why isn't it mentioned as a Federal sports betting law?

This law is not specific to any gambling venue, and does not specifically govern sports betting. It is a law that provides strict regulations concerning how online gambling transactions can be processed. It was designed to prevent fraud and money laundering, and to protect players from unscrupulous gambling operations. While it did cause some problems initially with regards to the options available to US gamblers, it did result in the presence of a more secure online gambling environment, and the sportsbooks you see recommended in this guide are not in violation of this law. The law does not prohibit US residents from participating in online gambling, nor does it affect or address participants in any way. It is directed at gambling site operators and payment processors.

Top Iowa Sports Betting Sites

Rank Online Sportsbook Bonus % Max Bonus Play
1 Bovada Sportsbook 50% $250 View Site
2 Bookkmaker Sportsbook 15% $2500 View Site
3 BetOnline Sportsbook 25% $1000 View Site
4 25% $1000 View Site